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Understanding & Caring for your Body-Type

With Kester Marshall

Full-Day Intensive Workshop


Saturday 2 September 2017, 9.30am-4.30pm


At this full-day intensive course you’ll gain a deep understanding of the Ayurvedic view of elemental body types or constitutions (Vata/ Pitta/ Kapha or a combination). You’ll learn how your original constitution (Prakriti) can go out of balance (Vikriti) and measures you can take through diet and lifestyle to bring it back into balance.

You’ll learn the integral role the elements play in the body as physiological intelligences, what happens when they become aggravated and how you can help facilitate their smooth functioning.

You’ll also discover how the elements ebb and flow in nature and how we can simply adjust our daily, monthly and seasonal routines to work with them, rather than against them.

This talk is perfect for anyone interested in really understanding their traits and tendencies in a way that makes so much sense.....from total Ayurvedic newbies to Ayurvedic students.

Topics include:

- Elements and the Doshas

- Understanding Your Ayurvedic Body Type

- Prakriti vs Vikriti

- Moving Back into Balance through Diet & Lifestyle

- The role of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the Body

- Elemental/Doshic Imbalance and the Disease Process

- The Elements/Doshas and Times of Life

- The Elements/Doshas and Cycles of Nature


Kester Marshall

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Naturopath & Herbalist


Saturday 2nd September 2017




55 Stuart St

Mullumbimby NSW 2482


Participants will be provided with morning and afternoon tea.

You can purchase lunch at one of the many local cafes and restaurants or bring a packed lunch.


$140 per person or $115 concession (or for groups of 2 or more people)

Includes course notes and morning/afternoon tea

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Facilitated By:

Kester Marshall

    Ayurvedic Practitioner Naturopath & Herbalist


"Kester's approach reinforced my knowledge and helped simplify what could be viewed as complicated and beyond the understanding of many of us." - Toni

“I have been meaning to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. I love the common sense approach and simple principles that Ayurveda espouses and plan to incorporate  as many of them as I can into my daily life.” - Chris

“I found the course deepened my knowledge of Ayurveda with traditional and practical knowledge and wisdom, passed from people of great experience, which couldn't be obtained from studying written works. It was wonderful!” - Sonya

“Kester was an amazing facilitator who had us all engaged for the entire time. Nadia’s written words added to the whole weekend magic. Thank you for such a lovely experience.” - Darshna

“I can wholeheartedly say, that I loved LOVED the workshop weekend. It was extremely practical, leaving me with plenty of knowledge and info to implement into mine and my family's lives, straight. For years I've been searching for a science that I resonated with and the weekend confirmed, that Ayurveda is that science for me.” - Lissie

Here is a sneak peak of Kester speaking to give you an idea of what to expect...


or for groups of 2 or more

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