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Are you a graduate (or near-graduate) of an Australian Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda and don't feel quite confident enough to practice… but would really like to?

If you're a graduate of an Ayurvedic course in Australia, you know that actually starting out as an Ayurvedic Consultant or Practitioner isn't easy.

Graduates from all professions generally feel like they don't know enough when starting out…. because they don't! It isn't possible to learn everything you need to know for a job through a course.

There is always so much more to learn once you're actually on the job….

In other professions, there's some chance you'll get a job or at the very least can arrange work experience so you can learn from doing and, more importantly, can be overseen and supported by a mentor.

In many natural therapies and particularly in the case of Ayurveda, this isn't possible, yet.

It's still a young industry in Australia and there aren't that many Doctors, Practitioners or Consultants actually practicing.

Those who are tend to be sole traders and don't have the patient numbers or the time to take new graduates under their wing.

There are only a couple of clinics in Australia big enough to employ people and they often hire BMAS doctors from India rather than Australian Diploma or Advanced Diploma graduates.

So what's the choice for graduates of Australian courses?

The only real choice is to become a sole practitioner as well, either working from home, in a rented room or attempting to start up your own clinic.

This prospect can be pretty terrifying (!!) when you feel like you don't know enough about Ayurveda to start out, let alone how to start up a business with no support... or mentorship... or financial backing!

In 2005 we studied Ayurveda with 20 brilliant, intelligent and super-keen Australian students. Of those 20, only about 3 are still practicing today!

In the last 15 years, nothing has really changed. There are a lot more graduates but still not many of them are practicing; there are still no opportunities for work or mentorship; our associations are still relatively inactive, offering limited education or support and teachers at Ayurvedic colleges are so busy, they can't possibly fulfil this mentorship role as well....

As a result, we've seen so many talented, intelligent, super keen Ayurvedic graduates be dissuaded from practice and either going back to other jobs to support themselves or becoming permanent Ayurvedic students; moving from one course to the next searching for that elusive confidence to kick in! Not to mention spending thousands and thousands of dollars and investing years of their lives along the way…

So we've been wondering, what can we do to help?

In our experience, that confidence to practice only really kicked in when we had access to mentors to help reassure, guide and support us in our practice and business.

Having someone to bounce ideas off of, check that you're doing the right thing, or asking for advice when you have no idea what to do…. has been a game-changer for us.

And, as a husband and wife team, we've had each other. When one of us was struggling, the other would become the supporter. We also had a great mix of skills and experience that complimented each other. And, as we attracted more people to our Mudita team, we became like a little Ayurvedic family, all supporting each other.

And now we'd like to support more graduates....

So, after 25 years of clinical experience and running a successful clinic, Kester would like to encourage the next generation of Ayurvedic graduates in Australia by helping to bridge the gap between graduation and practice.  

Nadia will share her experience of starting up, managing and marketing a clinic in a niche that still not many people have even heard of, in a small regional town with a health clinic on every corner!

In our experience, intensive courses are a wonderful way to learn. So, we've decided the best way to support graduates is with a non-residential 3-Day Mentorship Intensive. The first one will be held at our clinic in Mullumbimby, Northern NSW, just 15 mins out  of Byron Bay, over the June long weekend.

What You'll Learn

At the end of the 3-Day Intensive you will:

- Learn how to communicate with any client

- Learn an easy approach to pulse taking

- Hone your diagnostic skills: tongue diagnosis, palpation etc

- Master your Ayurvedic Massage as this will be your bread and butter when starting out

- Develop absolute clarity around prescribing

- Know what critical herbs to stock

- Nail your case-taking and client handouts

- Discover what makes a really great practitioner

- Discover what keeps clients coming back to see you

- Learn how to handle difficult clients and cases

- Learn how to start up your business

- Learn tried and true promotion strategies

- Build confidence to begin practice

By the end of the weekend you'll not only feel confident to start practicing, you'll be raring to do so!

What You'll Be Doing Each Day...

Each day we'll work together from 9.00am – 4.30pm with breaks for morning and afternoon tea and an hour for a delicious Ayurvedic lunch.  

There will be a fun mixture of theory, examples, practical sessions, sharing case studies and getting your hands dirty.  

It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn, gain confidence, but also to connect with other graduates in a similar position who can become  your new network of Ayurvedic colleagues.

We'll establish a Facebook group to help facilitate this connection where you can share ideas, ask questions and support each other after the course.

If demand is there, we'll provide additional intensives in the future, along with other forms of support.

Program Details

WHEN: Sat 16th - Mon 18th June 2018

TIMING: 9.00am – 4.30pm each day

WHERE: 55 Stuart St, Mullumbimby NSW 2482

COST: $495 early bird, before 20 May 2018

               $550 after 20 May 2018

(Includes a delicious Ayurvedic lunch each day and morning  and afternoon tea, does not include accommodation)

There will be a limit of 10 graduates attending the course to ensure we can provide individualised attention.

Graduates will need to apply for the course to ensure they are  at a suitable level for the course materials. If you'd like to attend please click the APPLY NOW button above!



The intensive is non-residential so you will need to arrange your own accommodation locally in Mullumbimby. We have two queen beds available at the clinic for $50 per night; and we also have space for 3-4 tents in our back garden for those who'd like to camp for $15 per night. If you have a van you can sleep in, you're also welcome to park that in the driveway. And anyone staying at the clinic is welcome to arrive on Friday night to settle in...

Alternatively The Mullum Motel is directly behind the clinic so is a great option. Single rooms are from $110 or share rooms with 4 beds from $150 per night.

Or attendees could group together and share a house on Airbnb.  Please indicate on your booking form what your accommodation preference would be and we can put you in touch with others who would like to share.

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Mudita 3-Day Mentorship Intensive for Ayurvedic Graduates

Bridging The Gap: Graduation to Practice! Mullumbimby, 16-18 June 2018

FORMAL AYURVEDIC STUDY RECOMMENDATIONS: Please note that all of our courses are designed for informal study. If you would like to study a formal Ayurvedic qualification, we recommend the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies with Dr Ajit or Equals International with Dr Bosco Paul.

Kester Marshall

Ayurvedic Practitioner Naturopath & Herbalist

Kester has 25 years of clinical experience and is  Director of the Mudita Health Clinic. He will teach all of the clinical-related topics.

Nadia Marshall

Business Owner, Ayurvedic Cook & Writer

Nadia has a commerce degree majoring in marketing and has been running  Mudita for the last 10 years. She will teach the business topics.