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E: reception@muditainstitute.com

P: (02) 6684 6090

About Ayurveda

The Sanskrit term Ayurveda translates literally as ‘the science of life’. More than 5000 years old, it is the oldest, most comprehensive medical system in the world and has eight main branches that range from internal medicine and psychology through to paediatrics and surgery.

Ayurveda is particularly concerned with the cultivation of awareness and practices that improve digestion and metabolism (Agni), reduce the accumulation of undigested or poorly digested food toxins in the body (Ama), strengthen the immune system (Ojas) and keep the mind and body peaceful (Sattva) - to prevent the development of disease and maintain optimal health. It teaches us to view our bodies as a reflection of nature and how to live in greater harmony with the cycles of the day, year and life.

This ancient knowledge is more relevant today than ever and is the source of many modern approaches to healthcare. It is the national system of healthcare in India and has been widely practiced in Europe and America for many years.

The daily dietary and lifestyle practices of Ayurveda actually enable us to practice Mindfulness well, just as Mindfulness help us to practice Ayurveda well - which is why we teach them together, as sister sciences.

We all have the capacity for more mindful living, but we need to support it by what we choose to eat, think, and do. We need to create an inner environment that is not constantly reacting mentally and physically, and forever seeking minute-to-minute antidotes, to poor choices of food and behaviour. A mindful life will never 'take-off' if all our energy is going into coping with a body and mind full of agitating foods. Diet and lifestyle must support our efforts towards peace of mind and clarity of purpose. Mind and body need to work with, not against, each other. Living this way gives us the tools to re-develop confidence in ourselves and our choices.

“The central focus of the Mudita Institute is to learn how to feel our way back into peacefulness, self-worth and kindness. This provides a steady foundation to help us be more in the present moment and really begin to understand ourselves.... and what we need to be happy and healthy. From such a compassionate basis, transformation naturally happens on its own.” - Doko

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