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E: reception@muditainstitute.com

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About Mindfulness

Western science is now catching up with what Eastern sciences have known for thousands of years – that the practice of Mindfulness facilitates a deep transformation in the way we see ourselves, our lives, our relationships and our work! Every week some new clinical trial reveals how Mindfulness can help people - it has been shown to defuse destructive emotions, manage behaviours, reduce stress, sharpen concentration, increase empathy and optimism, as well as building resilience and preventing burnout.

Mindfulness is not another set of ideas about the mind. Rather, it is the practice of applying presence of mind, attention or awareness to the contents of your mind. It is exercising the cognitive ability we all have to stay focused in the present moment in a way that fosters a ‘fuss-free’, honest and creative self-awareness. This form of attentional skill helps to develop our inner resilience, productivity and intelligence, as well as our compassion, heath and inner happiness. In other words, Mindfulness can help us to stay fully in the moment and respond appropriately with calmness and good choices.

Mindfulness Training involves the practice of simple exercises and the development of attitudes to help control and focus personal concentration. It gives a set of skills to maintain warm, patient and precise attention to see for yourself the way your mind behaves and the way it slips into either skillful or unskillful states. The development of this attention helps unravel the roots of stress and unskillful responses and helps establish a fluid clarity and insight capable of meeting the changing demands, pressures and uncertainties of life and work.

The daily dietary and lifestyle practices of Ayurveda actually enable us to practice Mindfulness well, just as Mindfulness help us to practice Ayurveda well - which is why we teach them together, as sister sciences

We all have the capacity for more mindful living, but we need to support it by what we choose to eat, think, and do. We need to create an inner environment that is not constantly reacting mentally and physically, and forever seeking minute-to-minute antidotes, to poor choices of food and behaviour. A mindful life will never 'take-off' if all our energy is going into coping with a body and mind full of agitating foods. Diet and lifestyle must support our efforts towards peace of mind and clarity of purpose. Mind and body need to work with, not against, each other. Living this way gives us the tools to re-develop confidence in ourselves and our choices.

“The central focus of the Mudita Institute is to learn how to feel our way back into peacefulness, self-worth and kindness. This provides a steady foundation to help us be more in the present moment and really begin to understand ourselves.... and what we need to be happy and healthy. From such a compassionate basis, transformation naturally happens on its own.” - Doko

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