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By Nadia Marshall

After getting over a rather tenacious chest infection in the new year (probably thanks to a mild black mold infestation in the vicinity of our bedroom), I then noticed some nasty post-viral symptoms...

I had an incredibly achy jaw, referring headaches, sore teeth (kind of like one big tooth ache) as well as sensitive, ‘peeling’ gums that were too painful to brush and a few mouth ulcers. Like I said... nasty.

I decided to finally give ‘oil pulling’ a go, knowing that it might help with these symptoms. So, I have been dutifully swishing warm oil around in my mouth for about 5-10 minutes in the shower each morning after brushing my teeth, until it forms an emulsion, and then spitting it out and rinsing my mouth out again with warm water.

After just a few days of doing this, every single one of the symptoms has cleared up! The jaw, tooth and referring head aches went after one day while the sensitive gums and mouth ulcers completely settled down and returned to normal within about 3 days. What a relief!! I’m so utterly impressed that I’ve continued with the practice each morning and think I’ll do it forever!

Oil pulling with either cold pressed black sesame oil or ghee is an excellent addition to your Ayurvedic daily routine because it helps to pacify aggravated Vata in the head and neck region and the sense organs of the head, particularly the ears, eyes and mouth... It also helps to facilitate the expulsion of toxins from this area....and strengthens and whitens the teeth!

Pretty awesome!

The best things is, it is dead easy to do and actually quite pleasant. Even if you don’t have time for your morning self-abhyanga, it is nice to know that you’re starting the day caring for your Vata!

But don’t take my word for it, give it a go!


Nadia xx

P.S. A lot of oil pulling information out there says to swish the oil for 20 minutes but that is not really necessary and you probably won’t do it! So, make it more achievable and you’ll still benefit from the process xx

P.P.S. Oil Pulling with coconut oil, although tastier, is not advised in Ayurveda because it can actually increase mucous or Kapha accumulation in the mouth and sinuses.


Agni - the digestive fire.

Ama or Aama - undigested food waste, toxins.

Ojas- the foundation of our immune system and longevity.

Dhatus - the tissues of the body.

Srotas - the channels of the body.

Vata - the air/ether

intelligence in the body.

Pitta- the fire/water

intelligence in the body.

Kapha- the water/earth intelligence in the body.

Sattva- the quality of purity, intelligence, peace and love.

Rajas- the quality of

turbulence and activity.

Tamas- the quality of

dullness, darkness and inertia.

Rasa - the taste of a food (Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, Astringent)

Virya - second level of digestion (either Heating or Cooling)

Vipaka - third level of digestion, the deep taste of a food (can be Sweet, Sour or Pungent)

Prabhav - the 'special effect' of a food or herb/spice

Rasa - also the name for plasma tissue

Rakta - blood tissue

Mamsa - muscle tissue

Meda - fat tissue

Asthi - bone tissue

Majja - nerve & bone marrow tissue

Shukra - sexual reproductive tissue

Oil Pulling Is Awesome!

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