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Thyroid Success

"I embarked on a 3 week cleanse at the Mudita Health Clinic (including 2 weeks of treatments) primarily because I had, for five months, been consitently testing positive for hyperthyoid. I had been to see a specialist who had given me three months before the next appointment, at which he said things would have definitely worsened to the point that I would need to take medication. On researching this I found that the medication given is extremely damaging to the liver and can only be given short term because of this.

I thought Ayurveda might be able to help so talked to Kester. The three week cleanse with Mudita invloved taking time off work, with daily treatments with Suzanne,  sessions with Kester and some with Justine. I had a dietary cleanse as well as a short fast during that time, and a regimen of herbs to take. In the last week I also took enemas to cleanse the gut.

I had a blood test just a week after the cleanse and it showed a small improvement in thyroid levels. A month later the next test showed that my thyroid levels were back into the completely normal range! It is now over a year since the cleanse, and I have had consistently normal readings of thyroid levels every month since. My doctor called it a miracle!

I am incredibly relieved and grateful that these treatments are available here in the Northern Rivers and I didn't have to travel overseas. Thanks to Kester and the Mudita team!" - Flo

7-Day Cleanse Thank-you


"Grateful is all I can say. Thank you all for being my calm amidst my storm. As I move along my way now is clearer to make decisions for my future life ahead.

Justine, thank you for helping me gently look at myself and for showing me who I am and what I am made up of. I am now in a more stable and mindful place to make important decisions and set myself up as I have wanted to for so long.

Kerryn & Martin, thank you. What a treat to have hands laid on me in such a caring a nurturing way. I looked forward to seeing you everyday. Even your smiles are therapeutic.

Nadia, thank you. I have loved reading your books and enjoyed so much the tranquil space I was able to share. I have felt very comfortable suring my cleanse. I look forward to cooking your recipes for myself and my daughter.

Sarah, thank you. Your presence is so beautiful! I appreciate your help in making this happen. Emails can be so impersonal and incredibly happy you hung in there with me.

Kester, thank you. As confronting as looking at my health can be, you have taken the fear away and given it a practical understanding of what needs to be done to continue on caring for myself."

Acne Rosacea Success


"I've had close to a 10 year relationship with my rosacea skin condition. I've tolerated it for the most part as its fluctuating nature means that I can experience episodes of good and bad periods of how my skin looks.

In the early stages it wasn't severe enough for me to seriously consider doing something about it. As I've gotten older, especially in the last 2-3 years, my bad periods have become more permanent and more prominent. The irritability of the skin stretching to other parts of my face that had always been clear of any redness.

After seeing naturopaths and acupuncturists with no permanent results, I decided to visit the Mudita Clinic.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have come across a therapist like Kester Marshall. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge that reflects back into his service as a practitioner. His patience with my persistent apprehension helped to ease my trust in his abilities. A change in diet, coupled with an introduction to herbs began to eventually create change. My turning point however was when I decided to take up his suggestion of doing an Ayurvedic cleanse.

A week of preparation with Kester's guidance along with treatments from the supportive and nurturing hands of the Mudita massage therapists helped to prepare my body for the experience.

I can't emphasize enough the vast improvement to my skin in the weeks coming off of the cleanse. I didn't imagine I'd be looking at my face and seeing a face I recognised from before my condition started.

Kester's compassionate support and encouragement in trusting the process strengthened my own belief during my experience. I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting Kester and the clarity he has given me in terms of developing a greater appreciation and awareness of pursuing better health. Thank you Kester " - Paula

7 Day Cleanse  (3 days of treatments)

"After Christmas I was feeling quite heavy, bloated, tired, sluggish and agitated. I also had full on sugar cravings every afternoon, brought on by too much holiday indulgence.


Kester suggested trying a short detox for a fresh start to the year. I followed a strict diet for 7 days and had 3 days of treatments. The diet included mung dahl pancakes, kicheree, dahl, vegetables and soups and was pretty delicious (although I admit I was ready for some new flavours by the end of the week).


I came into the clinic for three lovely pindaswed herbal bolus massage treatments and took some herbal tablets and oil each night. The good thing about the detox was it wasn't too full on so I could keep working throughout the week. I just had to be really organised with my food which wasn't too difficult. 


I felt like I really needed the full seven days and afterwards am definitely feeling lighter (I've lost 2 kg). My energy levels are better, my skin is clearer, I've stopped craving sugar and I don't feel so agitated.  I feel like I can start the year off properly now!  I wouldn't hesitate to do it again and actually feel inspired to do one a couple of times throughout the year." - Sarah