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P: (02) 6684 6090

Case Studies

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Ayurvedic Consultations (Kester)


Transformational Psychotherapy/Relationship Counselling/Mindfulness Training (Justine)


Ayurvedic Treatments (Suzanne & Kerryn)

"The Mudita team are champions of clarity, nourishment and healing and the space is an oasis of tranquility" - Victor

"When you need to cry, they are here

When you need to be held tight, they are here

When you need to speak out and say what is stuck in your throat, they are here

When you need to be healed and your wounds need a gentle touch, they are here

When your own self is not sufficient and you need some wise piece of advice, they are here

When your mind is too heavy and the words cannot express your distress anymore, they are here

When you need someone you can trust, they are here…

Then you realise that your mind is responsible for all your pain, misery, suffering. You realise that you are already free.

Just go and see them…"

- Leah xx

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