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P: (02) 6684 6090

Case Studies

Transformational Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling

"I attended counselling sessions with Justine after having a traumatic relationship breakup and ongoing issues with anxiety. I felt I was in crisis the day of my first counselling session and before I even arrived I felt supported by the staff at Mudita Institute who shuffled things around to fit me in. Justine was warm and genuine and I felt comfortable talking to her. Justine was able to give me tools to help me gain an empathetic understanding of my own situation and by the end of my session I felt clear and calm and in a position to better care for myself. Justine’s session gave me more insight into the way I relate with my own inner dialogue and I would gladly recommend Justine to anyone who wants to gain a more skilful and empathetic way of relating to oneself and others.” - Ryan

"I first started going to Justine to assist with depression and anxiety. 

I am interested in dealing with these issues at the root of the problem to create lasting changes. When I attend a session with Justine I sense her passion and commitment to assist me with this goal. I always leave feeling inspired, empowered and joyful. I see Justine in conjunction with Doko. They make a dynamic duo. Their guidance have caused me to patiently attend to emotional triggers that inhibit me from enjoying a happy and peaceful life. I recommend Justine as a therapist to anyone with symptoms of depression and anxiety and who want to develop the tools to feel calm in challenging situations and to anyone who wants to develop self compassion." - Christine

“I recently started counselling sessions with Justine having reached a plateau with a previous counsellor. I was looking for someone with a deep sense of empathy to help me be less hard on myself, not someone who was going to push me to keep ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’. What I have found so wonderful about working with Justine is that she gets to the heart of the matter - the essence of whatever it is - seemingly in seconds, but without needing a huge background story. Gently, sensitively and with great compassion she takes me to the feeling place of where I need to go and we work with whatever comes up. I thoroughly recommend her!” - Charlotte.

"I attended counselling sessions with Justine during a very difficult and emotional time while dealing with the ending of my marriage. She helped me focus more on the root causes of my emotional difficulties rather than going over my stories. I believe her approach shortened the time I would otherwise have spent in counselling, giving me a productive way to deal with the anxiety and depressive emotional state I found myself in. I thank her for her help and have no hesitation in recommending her as a counsellor.” - Mark

“I first came to Mudita clinic in March 2012 suffering from chronic neck pain. I have seen Lorien for a Kati Basti treatment, Kester for Ayurvedic consultation and Justine for counselling. Wow! What an amazing team. At every step of my treatment I have been nurtured and cared for while at the same time I have been given tools to care for myself. My neck pain has improved dramatically and my energy levels and mood have also lifted. Thanks Mudita Clinic I feel blessed to have found you.” – Steve

"Justine - thankyou for holding such a supportive, non judgmental and powerfully transformative space for me. I have made huge shifts today, you are awesome." - Simone

"Life is a collage of experiences. There is no rule book. Making sense of success and failure, love passion and particularly expectations is never easy. I found myself lost and anxious with work challenges a series of complex relationships that caused me to be riddled by guilt and unworthiness. Justine was wonderful. Considered, wise and caring; her primary concern in all things was my well-being. Such a wonderful and special soul. She has a profound impact on my personal journey." - Anon

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Justine Buckley

Gestalt Psychotherapist & Counsellor, Buddhist Psychology