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Understand and heal your health imbalances

“I visited Kester during a fairly low point of my life. I was in constant (excruciating) pain following a post-natal flare up of rheumatoid arthritis. I could barely hold my baby and even lifting a doona off me was difficult. My rheumatologist had recommended a course of some pretty heavy toxic drugs and told me that if I didn’t take these I would be in a wheelchair within 5 years! Kester gave me a course of Ayurvedic medicines, put me on a 10 day detoxifying diet and gave me other nutritional advice. Within 3 weeks my symptoms had improved dramatically and I was able to get a full night’s sleep. It has been one year since I’ve been to Mudita and I am in COMPLETE remission from my rheumatoid arthritis and have even started jogging again. Pretty awesome, hey? Thank you Mudita!!” - Kath

"I’d spent over 10 years feeling not right, and basically unwell. In my late 20’s I hit the wall and felt like I’d lost 80% of my vitality in a period of months. Through a number of alternative practitioners I’d regained about half that over the period of 10 years but seeing Kester has helped bring me much further in the right direction than anyone and in by far the shortest period of time. Through Kester I’ve learnt how to nourish my body in its current state, so as to promote vitality with longevity. Within one and half weeks of my consultation I was feeling revived. Now a couple of years later, I now know I’ve got the power and the tools through diet to manage my well being and to thrive." - Dean

"After having attended Kester's monthly seminars on the Ayurvedic lifestyle, when I got diagnosed with thyroid imbalances and depletion, I immediately booked a consultation with him. Using pulse diagnosis, he immediately picked up on all the other symptoms I'd been experiencing and the Ayurvedic explanations of trapped pitta etc all made sense so I duly took all the herbs he prescribed and followed his diet and lifestyle advice.He's never dogmatic in his prescriptions and incrementally introduces concepts when he sees you're ready to take them on. Even when he knew my coffee addiction was totally detrimental to my condition, he let me arrive at giving it up in my own time with gentle persuasion tactics and a sense of humour. As a result, my blood results have improved and the more unpleasant symptoms have either disappeared or are on the wane. I had always enjoyed cooking from 'Warmth' but started following Nadia's delicious recipes more slavishly, especially when purging, and found that they did the trick and my energy started picking up. I've now been on the 'Kester health plan' for about a year and it's definitely serving my health and energy levels, plus I've had the privilege of getting to know a few of the lovely team members. I've recommended so many of my friends to Kester..how can you not when the proof is so tangible. I feel my life has been enhanced since meeting you, Kester, and team. Thanks so much." - Shelagh

"I have been having consultations with Kester for more than four months. I came to him as I have been over weight for many years and have struggled to find something that worked with me to shift the weight and therefore also to become healthier. I eat well and have a good knowledge of food, but I just didn't find quite the thing that worked for me....until I had a consultation with Kester. I have found his grounded, simple and easy to understand approach to my heath an absolute valuable resource, I have now a greater understanding of my personal dosha's and the things that I needed to eliminate from or add to my diet and lifestyle, not only for my health but also my emotional and mental well being. After many tests and trials with different diets, where I lose some weight, hit a wall and go back to where I began, I have finally broken down the wall! I can feel that the transformation of my body, health and well being is attributed to the advice and guidance I have received during the last few months of my consults. I have no doubt that within a year my body and health will be exactly where my goals wanted me to be. I have now incorporated some other modalities from Mudita Institute have to offer and had my first Pindaswed massage yesterday...and oh my it was just so relaxing. I am feeling so good!" - Nichole

"I started seeing Kester a few years ago suffering from stress, anxiety and fatigue. At that point I was completely drained and couldn’t get through a single day without lying down for most of the afternoon. I had been living with a high level of stress and anxiety for many years, was exhausted and always getting sick. I had seen my doctor and done all the usual blood tests but was told nothing was wrong. It wasn’t until I started seeing Kester and Doko that I really began to understand how the speedy, stressful and anxiety-ridden way that I had been living had played havoc with my digestion and mental wellbeing and eventually depleted me. Kester gave me some great Ayurvedic herbs, a couple of short detoxifying diets and showed me how to eat in a way that is nourishing for me long term. He also helped me understand the importance of supporting myself mentally and emotionally and made very practical suggestions of how to make small but significant nourishing lifestyle changes. I’ve also had several delicious Shirodhara treatments which generate an immediate sense of calm - I will be having many more! As a result my energy levels are so much better and continue to improve, I now rarely get sick and am much happier. I even managed to plan my wedding and go overseas on my honeymoon without any sign of fatigue or getting so much as a sniffle! As a team they have transformed my life by gently giving me the wake up call I needed and providing a clear path.  Thanks guys, you are awesome!" - Sarah

“Kester and Nadia, thank you sooo much. Just to let you my protein levels are now brilliant after following your advice and cooking from your cookbooks and taking the herbal supplements and my doctor is stoked! Thank you thank you thank you!” - Petrina


"I came to see Kester at the Mudita Health Clinic after I had been sick with colds, flus or sinus infections for over 3 months. Just as I was getting over one thing the next would hit and I'd go down again. I had no energy, I was bone tired and achey all the time and I started to think that I'd never get better. Kester recommended some pretty simple dietary changes, some herbal medicines (as tablets which was nice) and some wonderful massage and steam treatments for my lungs that Suzanne did for me every day for 5 days. After only a few days I noticed a difference. My energy was better, I could breathe properly, I didn't feel as heavy or achey and my energy began to return.  Now, 6 weeks down the track, I feel like a completely different person!" - Trish 

“My first appointment at the Mudita Clinic was in January 2012 with Kester.  Kester was so warm and welcoming. I had bowel cancer 21 years ago at the age of 20 and as a result of surgery and radiotherapy back then, I have been left with continual bowel problems and weak bones due to surgery induced menopause at age 24. I have also been seeing Lorien for Pindaswed massages. Simply bliss! The results I have experienced so far are amazing.  I now have the most regular bowels I can ever remember having all my life and thanks to my wonderful new diet based around the Warmth and Ayurvedic Kitchen cookbooks my taste-buds are in heaven.  I’m looking forward to ongoing success thanks to the Mudita Clinic.” - Marnie-Lea

"I came to see Kester back in 2012 when I was sick, tired and stressed to the max. I was looking for an alternative and caring way to treat my reproductive problems; endometriosis and recovering from LLETZ to my Cervix for CIN III. From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable and had a lot of confidence in Kester and what he recommended. I followed the recommended lifestyle and dietary changes and took the supplements, I also stopped strenuous exercise to give my body a rest (calm Vata). The changes I noticed in my body within the first month were amazing, my muscles became more flexible than they have ever been, I thought it a bit strange, but it made sense when Kester explained how ama accumulates in the tissues. I’ve now been seeing Kester for 3 years and I have so much to thank him and the Mudita crew for! I rarely have to take days off work because of crippling pain from endometriosis, the nausea and back pain that I used to experience is also very rare and only appears when I’m not taking care of myself. My knowledge and interest in health and well being has sky rocketed and I’m really grateful for the help the whole team has offered me during my time as a client. Thanks guys!" - Cassie

“I came to the Mudita Clinic suffering from stress overload and a lack of energy. I saw Kester for an Ayurvedic Consultation initially. I was given lifestyle and dietary advice that was easy to follow, and really made a difference! I found Kester warm and non-judgemental. I felt nurtured and understood. I have had several follow-ups and a Pindaswed treatment with Lorien that was blissful! I now send my yoga students to Kester if they have any health issues, as a matter of course.” – Flo

“I first came to Mudita Clinic in March 2012 suffering from chronic neck pain. I have seen Lorien for a Kati Basti treatment, Kester for Ayurvedic Consultations and Justine for Counselling. Wow! What an amazing team. At every step of my treatment I have been nurtured and cared for while at the same time I have been given tools to care for myself. My neck pain has improved dramatically and my energy levels and mood have also lifted. Thanks Mudita Clinic I feel blessed to have found you.” – Steve

“As a mature woman in her late fifties with minor health issues, I thought it timely to have a health check-up and life-style consultation. The Mudita Clinic was recommended to me. My consultation with Kester was very positive and caring. After a couple of months I have noted the improvements, and with some "Guidelines for Good Health", I feel secure in the knowledge that I am on the right path.  I am recommending Kester and The Mudita Clinic to all. Thank you so very much.” - Trish

“My experience with Kester and Lorien has been an amazing journey to date. The Ayurvedic way of life which I now fully embrace has been just the bee's knees for me. I was totally stressed, and my digestion was all over the place as were my sleeping habits. Not to mention my aching joints. Kester suggested a series of shirodhara, a specific change of diet including herbal medicines and in only a very short time of 2 to 3 months I am improving so much that I am excited beyond measure. My health has improved, sleeping habits improving and to boot I have come to know ‘Me!’ The shirodhara's send me off to a place where I can ‘hear and see in the spiritual sense’. Nadia has also helped me through her article on anxiety and I am now looking forward to a mindfulness coaching session with Doko. I can’t remember a time when I have been so excited about the way I have improved mentally, physically and spiritually. I have tried everything to get back on track with my life over the years. Nothing has worked for me like my experience with the Mudita Health Clinic and everyone involved in my healing. I am completely grateful and look forward to keeping on keeping on. I feel like I have a permanent smile on my face. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.” - Janice

“I would like to thank Kester so much for educating me on how I can better help myself and improve my health naturally. I came to Kester wanting help with my digestion, my hands were hurting, my receding gums, dryness within my body and skin from menopause and I kept getting heat rashes around my ankles. I was also on a fairly tight budget and what I loved was that Kester always had that in his awareness and gave me so many tips on how to improve my health without having to spend a fortune. The sesame and olive oils has been amazingly good in lubricating me internally as well as softening my skin. The Ghee is magic! From moving over to Ghee in a very short time I had no more heat rashes as it has helped to get rid of the heat within my body. I massage my gums every day, floss and rinse out with sesame oil and they look and feel healthier. When I went onto the herbs my hands improved almost immediately and my tummy felt a little uncomfortable initially, but that soon began to change and my digestion has improved enormously. I have learnt so much each time I have been to see Kester and that in itself is fabulous..... so thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, for listening and understanding...much appreciated.” – Fiona

“My visit to Kester at the Mudita institute came about via their health retreat in Byron Bay. My health concerns were weight and dodgy knees. Kester has a knowledge that is without a doubt from the brain, heart and intuition! Having been to India in the 80s I overlooked Ayurvedic Medicine. As I've aged I have come to understand its age old wise ways and real simplicity. Kester has embraced this healing modality at a young age and has encapsulated its magic with brilliance and love! I am now on my way back to India to do further healing later this year 2012 all due to the subtle inspiration of Kester, Nadia and Doko. They walk truth, peace and LOVE!” - Wendy

“Having hair loss at 27 and being female is not normal, at least not in my family of thick lusciousness. During the initial consultation I noticed Kester had a warmth and openness about him. It genuinely felt that he had given me all of his attention with compassion to listen to all of my concerns. I had an array of concerns some around hormone imbalance, I did not have a period for 2 years because of contraception methods like deepo and a merina, but within the first week of being on the herbs Kester prescribed I had a period. I was surprised at first and then relieved to feel a bit normal again.” - Amy

“I am eternally grateful for all the support, understanding and guidance Kester has given me over many years – thank you just doesn’t seem adequate!” - Sue

“Kester has been such a strength and support when I’ve needed it and I will treasure every minute of our times together.  He is like an ‘old sage’ in a young man’s body - truly gifted at what he does.  He has helped me to heal and I can’t tell you what that means.” - Robyn

"I've had close to a 10 year relationship with my rosacea skin condition. I've tolerated it for the most part as its fluctuating nature means I can experience both good and bad periods of how my skin looks. In the early stages it wasn't severe enough for me to seriously consider doing something about it. As I've gotten older, especially in the last 2-3 years, my bad periods have become more permanent and more prominent and the irritability of my skin has stretched to other parts of my face that had always been clear of any redness. After seeing naturopaths and acupuncturists with no permanent results, I decided to visit the Mudita clinic. I feel incredibly fortunate to have come across a therapist like Kester Marshall. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge that reflects back into his service as a Practitioner. His patience with my persistent apprehension helped to develop my trust in his abilities. A change in diet, coupled with an introduction to herbs began to create change, but my real turning point was when I decided to take up his suggestion of commencing an Ayurvedic Cleanse. A week of preparation with Kester's guidance along with treatments from the supportive and nurturing hands of Suzanne, the massage therapist, helped to prepare my body for the experience. I can't emphasize enough the vast improvement of my skin in the weeks coming off the cleanse. I didn't imagine I'd be looking at my face and recognizing my appearance with a familiarity of how it used to be before my condition started. Kester's compassionate support and encouragement in trusting the process strengthened my own belief during my experience. I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting Kester and the clarity he has given me in terms of developing a greater appreciation and awareness to pursuing better health." - Paula

"I have suffered  from hay fever/ allergic rhinitis my entire life. I can't remember a significant period in my 40 years where it hasn't been present. I could go for a few months without it being a big deal, but at other times it would flare up and be extremely debilitating. It was definitely worse during Spring and Autumn and also during times of stress and seemingly in response to eating certain foods/drinks. I am also really allergic to dust mites, exposure to which would cause an intense explosion of mucous production: nasal congestion/runnyness that could take several days to get under control with sprays and anti-histamines. During an intense hayfever episode my nose would run like water, continuously for hours so that I couldn't really do anything but stay home and try to get it under control. After using anti-histamines, even the 'non drowsy' ones, I would be spaced out and tired for the rest of the day. If I used too much nose spray, to try to sleep at night, I would end up worsening the congestion from use of the spray. My poor husband would have to sleep in another room as I would be up half the night and snoring the other half, trying to breath through my nose! I wouldn't go anywhere without a stash of tissues, anti-histamines, nose spray, eye drops and even steroid nose spray.

I was quite desperate to try to gain better control over it as I felt it was majorly impacting my life so decided to give Ayurveda a go. Kester gave me a really interesting take on the conditions that are conducive to hay fever attacks and the cause of my body's over reaction. He started by giving me a gentle cleansing diet to help me eliminate some of the toxins from my body. He also prescribed some herbs to assist with not only reducing the severity of the symptoms, but particularly to strengthen my immune system and prevent the frequency and intensity of attacks. There are also certain foods and drinks that he advised I try to minimise in my diet. After following this plan for a few weeks I started to improve. Now, a few years later, I can honestly say that my hayfever is under control. I notice that when my diet has slipped for a while, too many toxins are present and my general wellbeing is compromised beyond a certain point, my hayfever symptoms start to reappear on a more regular basis. I know this is a sure sign that I need to do a gentle cleanse and look after myself. These simple changes have had a profound impact on my life. I can't thank Kester enough." - Sarah

"I used to suffer from hayfever during dry, hot summers in Adelaide. I had some nasal and sinus congestion and sneezing but by far the most debilitating issue was itchy/inflammed eyes. After helping my parents bale hay one day, my eyes blew up so much that I couldn't see out of them! On dry, windy days I'd have to stay indoors or drive around with the windows up just to be able to function. I tried all manner of anti-histamines and anti-histamine eye drops but nothing touched the sides. During intense 'attacks' I'd want to pull my eye balls out and soak them in a glass of milk just to ease the pain! When I saw kester about my hayfever eyes, he put me on a gentle Ayurvedic cleansing diet, gave me some triphala ghee to put in my eyes at night (which stung a little at first but instantly eased the inflammation and irritation) and recommended a simple morning home remedy with ginger juice, black pepper and a few other things that I prepared and took religiously for 3 months. That was 6 years ago and I've never suffered from hayfever eyes again".  - Megan

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