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Case Studies

Ayurvedic Treatments


“Having a shirodhara is like being gently lulled into a deep meditative state. The constant stream of warm oil on your forehead combined with the cool darkness of your eyes being covered, the scent of rose water and medicated oils and the silence (apart from gentle Indian music) transports you to another place... a place deep inside where you feel calm, quiet, peaceful and sane. It is the best antidote in the world for a busy life and strung out nervous system!!” - Olivia

“My experience with Mudita has been an amazing journey to date. The ayurvedic way of life which I now fully embrace has been just the bee's knees for me. I was totally stressed, and my digestion was all over the place as were my sleeping habits. Not to mention my aching joints. Kester suggested a series of shirodhara, a specific change of diet including herbal medicines and in only a very short time of 2 to 3 months I am improving so much that I am excited beyond measure. My health has improved, sleeping habits improving and to boot I have come to know "Me! " The shirodhara's send me off to a place where I can "hear and see in the spiritual sense". Nadia has also helped me just by her article on anxiety. I can’t remember a time when I have been so excited about the way I have improved mentally, physically and spiritually. I have tried everything to get back on track with my life over the years. Nothing has worked for me like my experience with Mudita Institute and everyone involved in my healing. I am completely greatful and look forward to keeping on keeping on. I feel like I have a permanent smile on my face. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.” - Janice

"I had been seeing Suzanne as an Ayurvedic Therapist for a couple of years and it was always beneficial, so it was quite natural for me to see her at the Mudita Institute when my anxiety and panic attack issues arose late last year. This was extremely debilitating, had started to affect my day to day living and was destroying my confidence. Suzanne spent as long as was needed talking to me, helping me to understand my body and what was going on, giving me recommendations for treatments and also receiving healing massages. Along with the Ayurvedic massages, I experienced the shirodhara and the heart dhara treatments. These were specifically chosen for me in a particular order as they would be most effective.  I found these treatments to be amazingly effective! Always the massages are relaxing and calming (with lovely personal advice thrown in!). The shira dhara was soothing (like a hundred hands caressing my forehead!), unlike anything I had experienced before. The heart dhara was just what I was needing and the heart region was where i felt my anxiety and panic lived, the area that was getting all the positive attention. I never had been so relaxed and so nourished before! With these specific treatments and with Suzanne's expertise, I feel my body is mine again and I am in control! I am so  grateful to Suzanne and the Mudita Institute for being there when I needed them the most and I will continue to see Suzanne for Massages and a loving touch!" - Claire

Ayurvedic Massage

"I asked for a voucher to the clinic for my birthday because I had heard great things about it. I had experienced Ayurvedic massage many years ago in India so knew of the benefits. After a stressful term at work as a teacher my massage with Mudita was exactly what I needed. I had been having some feelings of anxiety, over thinking and trouble getting to sleep. The therapists energy was very soothing and she picked up immediately what dosha was deranged! The oils were very grounding for me and the pressure of the massage firm but deeply relaxing. I felt like I had been put back into my body and the calming effects lasted, allowing me to get back on track. I know what I'll be getting for my birthday every year (I wish my birthday was every month)!! We're so lucky to have this clinic in our community." - Emma

“My Ayurvedic massage was amazing! The therapist has such a warm and soothing presence.... I am walking on clouds. I especially loved her foot and head/shoulders massage. Thank you!”

“I had a glorious Ayurvedic massage. Wow it was so restorative and really grounded me. I felt so balanced afterwards and still do! Blessing”

Pindaswed Massage

“After my treatment, I felt like I was in a big bubble of nourishing warm love. The treatment penetrated very deep into my tissues while still being a very gentle and subtle experience. Amazing!” - Jacqueline

“I had a pindaswed treatment and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It felt like being massaged by hot boxing gloves. It was totally blissful! I had an aching foot every morning for over 3 months and after just one treatment, it was fixed. It may have been my imagination but I also felt like the texture of my thighs improved - that my mild cellulite had decreased. I can’t wait to have more.” - Nadia

“I was floating on a mere thread of consciousness through out the entire treatment...one word...... sublime! I will certainly like to explore more options that Mudita has to offer and thoroughly recommend it to others.”

“The Pindaswed treatment I received was soothing, nourishing and I felt cleansed afterwards. The beautiful aroma of the herbs stayed with me and I felt a continuing benefit from them all day. I loved it, and will be back regularly. I felt the treatments my wife and I received were the perfect antidote to a very stressful time, a reminder of the sacred.  Blissful. Thank you Mudita!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Pindaswed treatment. I arrived with a horrible cold, feeling quite lethargic and low on energy. The therapist’s gentle and nurturing energy was just what I needed. She did a treatment without the oil to allow the Pindaswed to remove toxins from my body. I left feeling more energetic, more alert and less congested.”

Kati Basti

“After building our tiny house, I was suffering from chronic lower back pain for months. I went to the osteopath, did regular self-massage, had regular shiatsu and practiced daily yoga but nothing relieved it. The muscles around my lower back were so tight and my spine actually felt bruised. When I got out of bed in the morning I felt about 90 years old! It was weird and a bit scary.. I was starting to think something more sinister was going on. I’ve been a follower of Ayurveda for over a decade and had almost every treatment under the sun, except kati basti. I realised it was finally time to give it a go (after recommending it to so many people). The treatment involves a dough well being placed on your area of tightness/deterioration which is filled up with increasingly hot medicated oils. The herbs in the oil combined with the heat and pressure help to relieve the kind of chronic tightness that nothing else can touch. After one treatment things didn’t feel too different but after just three treatments (once a week) I was a new woman! The bruising feeling was completely gone and the muscle tightness was completely relieved. Bliss. The treatment is surprisingly relaxing as well. Martin is incredibly careful and precise and gives a great back massage at the end. So now, when my back tightens up to the point of no return or I start getting sciatica, I know exactly where to go and what to do. Thank you Martin for saving my back... and my sanity!” - Nadia

"I came to Mudita as I had an issue with my sciatica nerve so had the Kati Basti. The therapist was very lovely and calm and it was beautiful to have hot oil pour on my lower back. I really enjoyed the massage as it was very relaxing for my muscle and you just let go of everything. It felt like you were transported to a different world, I would love to have it done again.”

“I had a Kati Basti treatment  and would strongly recommend this treatment for anyone. I suffer from chronic back pain and have done so for a while. The treatment was amazing, calming and very relaxing. The warm oils on my back were very soothing then I received a wonderful massage at the end of the treatment. Thank you Mudita! I will definitely be back.”

"When chronic sciatic pain threatened my ability to travel, I was willing to try anything to get better. The doctors told me I had osteoarthritis in my spine with a degenerative vertabrae putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. They said there was nothing they could do and wished me luck! I tried regular heat packs and yoga to ease the pain but it was getting worse by the day. I was losing hope when Kester  told me that Ayurveda may be able to help. He took my pulse and gave me some dietary guidelines and a bunch of herbs to take to nourish my bone tissue. But most importantly, he recommended a series of Kati Basti treatments. I felt some relief after every treatment but it was going back regularly that did the trick. I visited weekly if I could and, after about 9 Kati Basti treatments and a Pindaswed treatment, the pain completely disappeared. Not long after I travelled to Burma with my wife and was completely pain free. The sciatica flares up occasionally but usually passes after my morning walk and it is a huge relief to know that, if it gets any worse, Mudita can help." -  Geof

Heart Dhara

“As part of adjusting to a new change in my life, a heart dhara treatment sounded like the perfect way to treat and nourish myself. The care and attention that went into the treatment before, during and afterwards was truly more than I could have wished for. The therapist’s approach was patient and loving, and I felt so rested, my heart felt warm and spaceous, and my mind was still. I re-entered the day feeling more at ease and joyful. Heartfelt thanks.”


Kerryn McKenzie

Ayurvedic Consultant & Therapist

Martin Pain

Ayurvedic Therapist