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Mindfulness Resources

Here are a few hand picked resources for all our wonderful clients who are keen for practices to follow-up with at home after sessions with Michael (Doko) and/or Justine or after Mudita Retreats. You are in good company with these links as the people below are some of the best in this field of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. We see absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel...or in this case, replicate resources that are already in existence and shared so generously with so many. Our humble thanks...

The Love & Sanity Blog

This is Justine and Michael's (Doko) Blog. You'll find a variety of simple practices in each offering. These are updated monthly and you can sign up to receive the blogs straight to your inbox.

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The Neuroscience of Happiness

Thank you Rick Hansen! Neuropsychologist and writer, Rick generously and skillfully shares so much on this website that we can’t praise it enough. Michael and Justine both recommend his book 'The Buddha’s Brain' to their clients but in particular this field is Michael’s forte as his clients and students know directly. He also has an excellent app that you can download via iTunes by the same name, 'Buddha's Brain'.


Self Compassion

Kristen Neff and Chris Germer’s websites are a smorgasbord of resources. On both you will find the wonderful Self-Compassion Audio Meditations which Justine’s clients will be familiar with, check them out! In particular, she recommends Kristen’s ‘affectionate breathing’ and Chris’s ‘waiting on yourself’; as well as the ‘soften, soothe, allow’ which both offer.



Compassion Focused Therapy

This is an approach to therapy created by the founder Paul Gilbert. You can read his bio on his site. Again, so many resources are shared generously by Paul on this website. No need to get overwhelmed... some of the material is psycho-educational, explaining our ‘old’ and ‘new’ brain in terms of evolution and neuroscience. The exercises and practices here are about building and acting from our ’compassionate self’ not our reactive ‘threat/safety’ and ‘drive’ minds. Mostly this is for those clients working with Justine already who have an experiential context for this work. Have fun here and enter lightly.


A note to anyone wanting to learn Meditation - nothing beats learning this directly from a Teacher. Michael (Doko) spends a lot of his time helping people ‘unlearn’ techniques they’ve picked up along their way. A session with him will certainly demystify and clarify the essentials!

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