Herbal Medicines                                   

Will I be prescribed herbs or supplements when I see Kester?

Kester will not prescribe vitamin or mineral supplements but he may prescribe Ayurvedic Herbal Formulas for you. Kester only uses herbs and herbal formulations that are organic where possible and have been sourced from a pure, natural environment. Many have been standardised in Europe before coming to Australia. This means the active constituents within the herbs have been measured and their potency, safety and efficacy scientifically verified. Very few preparations coming out of India undergo this strict standardisation.

How much will the herbs cost?

Your herbs may cost between $30-$150 for a month supply, depending on how many you need.  If you are working on a tight budget, please let Kester know and he will work within it.

How long will I need to take the herbs for?

The length of time you need to take your herbs will vary depending upon the severity of your condition/imbalance and how long you have had it for.  Most people need to take herbs for a minimum of 3 months but people with more chronic, long-standing conditions may need to take them for 12 months or more.  You can ask Kester during your appointment and he will give you an approximate length of time.

How soon can I expect to see improvements?

You may experience improvements after only a short time, however for lasting improvements that stick, this will take a little longer. Remember that the longer you have had difficulties with your health, the longer your body/mind will need to get back on track.

How will the herbs taste?

The majority of medicines Kester prescribes are in tablet form so you won’t notice any taste. Other Ayurvedic medicines come as powders or jams.  In contrast to Traditional Chinese Herbs and many Western Herbal tinctures, Ayurvedic medicines tend to be rather tasty.

Are any of the herbs in an alcohol base?

Generally no. Many herbalists use herbal tinctures in an alcohol base but Kester tends not to, unless it is appropriate for someone's constitution. The only products he carries with an alcohol base are some classical herbal formulations and some over-the-counter spagyric preparations made by Australherba, including a cold and flu syrup.

Is it common for people to ‘react’ to the herbs?

No. Ayurvedic herbs differ from pharmaceutical and nutriceutical drugs in that they are a whole herb preparation (and often many whole herbs together).  This means rather than active constituents being removed from a plant (or even created synthetically) and then taken on its own with a very narrow, sharp range of action, the active constituent is taken as part of a whole herb. As a result, the effect of that active constituent is ‘buffered’ by all the other constituents of the herb, making the overall effect much more subtle and easy for the body to digest and assimilate. An example to help this make sense is - it is like the difference between taking a tablet of beta-carotene and eating a carrot.  The carrot, in its natural form has hundreds of other constituents that buffer the digestion and effect of the beta carotene.  

I’m pretty sure I’m reacting to my herbs... what do I do?

In some rare cases people may experience a reaction to their herbs. If this happens to you, don’t panic.  Just stop taking your herbs (but don’t change anything else) and see if the symptoms of your reaction subside within 24 hours. If they do, then it is probably the herbs. At the same time, call Kester and tell him what happened - then you can work together on what to do next.  It may be a matter of altering the dosage or doing a little more research into what you might be reacting to.  The main thing is to stay calm and call us.

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E: reception@muditainstitute.com

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“The herbs Kester works with are incredible.  Within just a few weeks I feel like a new person - my digestion has improved dramatically, my hormonal ups and downs have subsided, my headaches are gone and I feel so much more robust and mentally stable! I’ve taken A LOT of Ayurvedic medicines over the years but these are the most effective by far - and are so easy to take...” - Nadia