E: reception@muditainstitute.com

P: (02) 6684 6090

E: reception@muditainstitute.com

P: (02) 6684 6090

Self-Compassion & Mindfulness Training

Natural alternatives for mental wellness

Is your mind so busy it’s driving you crazy? Do you wake up each morning buzzing with anxiety? Do you feel stuck and unable to make decisions? A busy, negative mind is considered the key cause of disease in Ayurveda and Buddhist Medicine.

Learn simple  skills to develop greater calm, precision, composure and clarity. Learn strategies for the immediate and long-term management of stress and anxiety. Stop your mind from consuming all of your energy. Feel strong again and learn to live life with self-compassion, not self-criticism.

Consultations 60min - $90 / $70 conc

What is Mindfulness?

What will I get out of the sessions?


- how to be kinder towards yourself

- ways to relax, rest, and rejuvenate your mind

- how to live with precision, composure and clarity

- how to live with self-compassion not self-criticism

- the importance of gratitude and empathy

- strategies for immediate and long-term stress and anxiety

- why a more natural life is essential to be at peace with difficult emotions

- why you feel 'stuck' and unable to make decisions

- how to breathe well – the cheapest medicine around!

- what  it takes to see and understand yourself well

I am from interstate or overseas. Does Justine offer Skype or Phone consults?

Yes. Justine sees many interstate and overseas clients via Skype, Facetime or Phone consultations. She is very used to working in this way.

To book an appointment with Justine, please call/text her directly on 0401 788 820

or book online below...

“I used to feel like a slave to my mind - to its restlessness, intensity and general moodiness. It was exhausting living in my head! Seeing Justine has changed everything. Not only has she helped me to understand my mind, but also to relate to it and care for it in a very different way. Now I have the knowledge, but also the capacity to act and I feel so much more stable, relaxed and calm. I can’t thank her enough!” - Anon



Justine Buckley

Gestalt Psychotherapist & Counsellor, Buddhist Psychology

Works Tues & Weds

To book in with Justine, please call her directly on 0401 788 820 or book online below.