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LIVING AYURVEDA: A Practical Guide to Ayurvedic Nutrition & Deeply Nourishing Your Body & Mind

By Nadia Marshall

When I was studying Ayurveda I tended to bang on about it a lot, which got people interested. Friends and family asked me all the time if I could recommend a simple, practical introductory book that would help them understand what it was all about. So I went looking for one. But after reading dozens of books on Ayurveda, I discovered I couldn't actually recommend any of them! Some of them were brilliant, but they were generally far too complicated for what the average person was after...

I found they didn't explain the fundamental principles simply enough or the 'whys' and 'hows' of the general Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle recommendations in enough detail. They didn't answer all of the questions that come with being a Westerner with a suitcase full of nutrition baggage. And perhaps most importantly, they didn't explain how to LIVE Ayurveda simply, within the context of a modern life - they didn’t empower the reader to try things out for themselves in an easy, sustainable, do-able way.... if you know what I mean.

So after years of study, research and personal experience, I decided to write my own book and this is it!

Through this Course, you are going to learn about your digestive fire (Agni) and how to keep it strong and balanced, about undigested food toxins (Ama) and how to decrease or avoid their formation, about the doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and how to keep them balanced without freaking yourself out, about your immune system (Ojas) and how to nourish it and finally, how to cultivate a peaceful mind (Sattva)... all through what you choose to eat.

It sounds complicated... but by the end of this Course, you will understand what all of that means AND how to do it. Pretty cool hey?!

This knowledge will help you to:

•     Achieve and maintain an appropriate weight for your constitution

•     Have more energy (without the aid of stimulants or superfoods!)

•     Reduce symptoms of indigestion (bloating, reflux, gas etc)

•     Enjoy a clear, glowing complexion

•     Suffer from fewer seasonal illnesses and health problems

•     Feel good about yourself and your body

•     Enjoy and celebrate food!

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be introduced to a way of eating that is so holistic, it will help put to rest the confusion you feel over all of the constantly changing and evolving dietary information out there that we are all bombarded with. You’ll no longer be seduced by fad diets and their reductionist ideas... and if you are, I’ll be there to give you the Ayurvedic perspective on them and reassure you that you’re already on the right path!

This Course is for anyone who has an interest in Ayurveda (especially the dietary and lifestyle aspects) and would like to incorporate it into their lives without having to travel to India and study for ten years... it is for anyone who is confused (and a little stressed) about what they should eat and how they should live to 'be healthy'... AND it is for anyone who wants to understand themselves in a way that just makes good sense!

I want you to LIVE Ayurveda WELL - to understand it, embrace it and embody it to the point where it feels completely natural... like you’re not really ‘doing’ anything at all.

**PLEASE NOTE - If you have purchased “AGNI: Building A Strong Digestive Fire”, this is the newly revised and renamed version**

Spiral bound A4 book, 200 pages (colour/b&w)

“I absolutely love this course. It made me laugh - and cry!  I found it so well written, easy to understand and it gave me such simple and practical ways to look after the health and happiness of myself and my family.” - Mel

“Thanks to LIVING AYURVEDA, I'm feeling much healthier, happier, calmer, less controlling and anxious about what I and my family eat. I'm enjoying cooking and eating fresh and wholesome food in the knowledge that it's bringing me long term health and happiness, including foods that I thought we couldn't tolerate.” - Sonja

“ I recommend this course to everyone - from those like me who need to readjust their relationship with eating, to those who want to lose weight, eat more healthily or have health issues. It's an enlightening journey.” - Linda

"LIVING AYURVEDA is amazing! I couldn't put it down. It is going to help so many women. The best part is - it's really quite simple." - Carole

"I loved LIVING AYURVEDA! I really appreciated the thought, generosity and openness that went into it. You managed to make it very practical, without being too complicated!" - Jacky

“I keep telling everyone how LIVING AYURVEDA has been one of the best things I have discovered in my life... so from my heart, I thank you.” - Eliza

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