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"I can’t express in words how significant the retreat was for me. Thankyou all for helping me to tap into my inner strengths again." - Lana

“Thank you for sharing so much beauty, love and tranquility... life will be very different after your wonderful advice" - Corinna

"Thank you for a wonderful life-changing experience - always remembered... love love love." - Karis

"Amazing. Brilliant. Life-changing. Thank you for this brilliant journey. I am truly humbled." - Sharon

"Thank you for the wonderful pleasure and privilege of your teaching and above all your love." - Paul

"Thank you for everything - this has been life-changing." - Lee

"Life is very short. This experience will make it all the more joyful. Thank you. You are beautiful people!" - Trevor

"Merci beau coup x I haven't smiled or laughed this much in a long, long time" - ALo

"I came knowing nothing of how fantastic a journey I would take with you all. Heartfelt Thanks!" - Eve

"This retreat was life changing for me, an inspiration beyond words. It was such an amazing combination uniting the mindfulness of buddhism with the practical lifestyle wisdom of Ayurveda, while being cared for by a truly beautiful and inspiring team of people. Soul enriching food, luscious massages, energising and relaxing yoga, time to rest in my cozy bed, soak in a warm bath or swim in the pool... All of this surrounded by incredible nature, which brings with it the deep peace and serenity my heart yearns for. With so much gratitude and love xxx Bronny"

"Dear Doko and all of the equisite Mudita Team... Susie and I have attended many retreats and had many teachers . None have been as profound and genuinely ultruistic as what we experienced during the retreat. You all epitomised compassion in action as well as incorporating a sense of fun and normalness. You have had life experiences, led real lives and had lessons to learn such as the pain and trauma of brokenness, the joy of children and relationships. This makes the teachings much more authentic and meaningful. We are both so much richer, wiser and lighter than before. We have found our spiritual home with the pureness of ayurveda and all it represents. We can't wait until we can return! With love, light and gratitute xx" - Susie O'Neill (aged 74) and Margie Gargan (aged 68)

"In one of his lectures Doko said ( if I wrote it down correctly) 'Compassion is sensitivity to the suffering of self and others with the commitment to try to relieve it'. This quote came back to me one morning while on the retreat when I woke up with the thought, 'Wow, these guys are really giving me something helpful here.' I would like to say thank you so much to every one of the people who made this retreat possible. You have put together a programme which combined both education and the experience of the teachings - to be able to come and be given all the 'tips' and also to experience the food, the quiet, the slowing down, the beauty... it really was a case of 'look, this is how you do it..' Everything was delivered with such care. Thank you to an awesome team!" - Karryn

"I've skirted around the edges of Ayurveda for years and I was a complete newbie to Buddhism, yet this retreat offered me everything I needed. A supportive place to take on new information. New ways of thinking. New ways of cooking. New ways of doing. New ways to create space in my mind. And a chance to slow down and breathe in the beautiful surroundings. The Mudita team are practical and caring, they offered solutions I can take back to my busy urban life. To learn about warmth, patience and precision in a program carefully put together with warmth, patience, precision and generosity is rewarding and life changing. Thanks Mudita team x." - Carole Lydon (Adelaide)

"The Mudita retreat was one of those lovely experiences where you get to learn and be nourished in body, mind and spirit. The location, content and food were all excellent and you leave knowing you have learnt at a level that lasts because it's wisdom that is practical and easily accessible for everyone even after the retreat ends. More than anything, the whole Mudita team held such a warm, caring and nurturing presence for everyone that makes you realise that it works and the benefits that arise from what is being shared." - Mark Simpson (WA)

"Spending a week with Mudita will fill you up and calm you down. The staff are knowledgeable and immensely warm. You will be equipped with practical knowledge and habits to calm your life world. Such a wise investment to make in yourself, with great benefits for your family." - Christy

"This Retreat was the most impactful experience I have ever had in my 55 years. I have suffered from chronic insomnia for many years that has progressively got worse with menopause. For the past 3 years I have been taking a cocktail of drugs from sleeping pills to benzodiazepines and still have been unable to get a decent sleep. My entire life revolved around my lack of sleep; it was effecting my health and my state of mind. My main reason for coming to the Mudita Retreat was to help me sleep. I had never heard of Ayurveda before, never meditated or done yoga. And yet, I felt the retreat was made for me! Every part of every day just brought me closer to my true self. Every lecture complemented the next... it was an amazing experience. My mind is still, I am calm, I am happy and full of gratitude and guess what?! I am sleeping without medicated drugs! Thank you to the team at Mudita... your teachings have changed my life!" - Deb Sangster (Cairns).

"To find the balance in life we sometimes have to take time to reflect. The retreat was fantastic for this. To learn to relax, meditate, eat well and bring back the balance in our busy lives. I am a single parent who is going through treatment for ovarian cancer and the retreat has helped me in many ways. The food, the venue, mindfulness lectures, the Ayurvedic teachings and of course Nadia, Kester, Doko, Justine, Stephen, Astrid and all the other helpers were amazing. Thank you for a fantastic week." - Chris Paruit (Southport, QLD)

"I sincerely thank you for the beautiful gift you  have given me - the nourishment of my body, mind and spirit. I feel I am moving towards good health and well being in a much stronger and calmer way.  I have used the word "blissful" to describe my time at Mudita. Best birthday ever.  Thank you." - Kerrie Ashcroft (Adelaide)

"The Mudita Retreat touched me in a very gentle yet profound way. It's subtle, yet powerful....a reflection of the true nature of the Mudita people. I loved the way that the teachings and concepts just make sense, and, I can continue to adopt these principles in my every day life without much fuss. I am very grateful for the experience." - Jacqueline Edser (Gold Coast)

“The time is now- do something like this for yourself! If you ever feel like you are too busy to look after yourself, feel like you spend more time looking out for others than yourself or feel as though you cannot slow down- then this is the retreat for you! I came on this retreat to set up good foundations on healthy habits and lifestyle and I got so much more out of it. Nadia, Kester, Doko and Stephen are the most genuine people you will ever meet who simply want to help each of us be a little healthier and a little kinder to ourselves. It will transform your life.” - Helen Bush, Student & Charity Director (Adelaide)

“A quick line to say the biggest ever thank you to Nadia, Kester, Doko, Jussie, Stephen, and the rest of the Mudita team. I am feeling so, so good and I am so very happy to have been on my second retreat with you.  I had the wobbles leaving on Wednesday - I am no good at goodbyes - but after two days in the big wide world, I am feeling amazingly well. This time round, I feel more able to hold on to sattva in any circumstance - whether doing that 20km run, a shopping fest with crowds etc etc.  And it is holding this sense of peace, without even trying. Just feels good!!!! The work you guys do is life changing. Just a few days with you all can be a key to that healthier and happier life we all deserve. So thank you again and again - and I will be back! With heartfelt love and gratitude.” Cheryl Carter, Fitness Leader (Adelaide)

“I loved attending the May 2012 retreat and would recommend the experience to anyone wanting to spend time with people who are genuinely interested in helping you to improve your health and the way you live your life. I left the retreat with new knowledge and a wonderful sense of having been nurtured. It is the sort of experience that leads to so much more.” Bronwyn Jury, Lawyer (Brisbane)

"The retreat was just blissful. I was nourished in mind, spirit and body - with soulful conversations and education, time to commune with myself and yummy food provided many times each day.  Kester, Nadia and Doko embody the philosophy they teach and create a warm, welcoming environment for all. I am really grateful that I was there and the experience touched me deeply - I would do it again in an instant." - Nadia MacLeod, Online Business Owner (Murwillumbah)

“The Mudita Health Retreat was an amazingly grounding experience for me – the fluidity, the warmth, the energy of the entire retreat was like nothing I have ever experienced.  The food by Stephen was exceptional, the Ayurvedic lectures so simple but powerful and the way it flowed seamlessly into Doko’s teachings and wisdom left me feeling nourished with enthusiasm on every level. Thankyou.” - Ben Middleton, Stockbroker (Sydney)

“The Mudita Retreat has completely transformed my attitude towards daily living. From preparing family meals to lighting my internal flame with daily practices the retreat has given me a new appreciation and peace with all that is in this present moment.” - Carole Migalka, Yoga Teacher (Adelaide)

“This life-changing health retreat taught me to slow down, invite in sweetness and simplicity and to meet life with clarity for the proper digestion of my food, thoughts and ideas... to let go of that which is rushed, aggressive and shallow and make contact with the warmth and wisdom at the core of my being.” - Charlotte Francis, Freelance Writer (Melbourne)

“...Deep breath, where to begin after such a peacefully perfumed and sublime experience with you all. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to enjoy in the incredibly love-filled experience and be stilled by the wisdom of Doko, Kester, Nadia and Stephen. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I am in love with Mudita!” - Lorien Waldron, Ayurvedic Consultant (Gold Coast)

“The Mudita Health Retreat was the most genuine retreat I have ever attended. Living my life consciously and working in the health industry, I have experienced many different workshops, however, nothing has touched my spirit in the way this retreat did. Kester and Nadia have a genuine love of Ayurvedic medicine and this comes through in the quality and depth of their lectures. The philosophy of Ayurveda just makes sense and combined with the mindfulness of Zen it makes an amazing combination, nourishing on all levels. Beyond the knowledge and shifts I sensed consciously, I could only describe the feeling within me as 'warm honey running across my heart'.  From the sunrises over the ocean, the sweet sounds of the forest, the learning, the delicious food, the silence, to the graceful yoga and meditations, this retreat is life-changing.” - Linda Franke, Professional Counsellor, Somatic Psychotherapist (Gold Coast)

"Well its been four weeks since the retreat. I have allowed everything that I absorbed to sink in and would love to send you all my deepest thanks! The journey I have been on over the past few months was really put into perspective with the wisdom, kindness and authenticity that was shared at the Mudita Retreat. I now practice meditation and mindfulness everyday - even if it is only for short periods. I have embraced the Warmth Cookbook and my energy levels have been the most stable since I can remember. Yoga is part of my weekly schedule, as well as abhyanga and overall I am feeling fantastic! The Mudita teachings are now part of my life (and business), as they can be embraced in so many different ways. As I now do 'only one thing at a time', the journey of life is so much more fulfilling.... my friends and family are also very grateful for this change! As I live this new life, I am committed to sharing what I have learnt from you all with the hundreds of business owners that our college works with every year." - Jon Mailer, Managing Director, National College of Business (Brisbane & Gold Coast)

“A circle of friends – no, family. A warm meal shared, more satisfying than food alone. Pain recognised then overcome bringing comfort to all. Starting with kindness, something beautiful grows. A timid creature, avoiding noise and bright lights, friendship peaks its head from the shadows and spills its warmth. So here I am, stuck in the middle, not rising or falling, unable to reach the sides, just loving the simple life. Though now it’s time for us to part, I will gently rise and softly call, ‘Goodnight and joy be with you all’. Dear Doko, Nadia, Kester, Linda, Stephen...Thank you. P.S. I made chapatis for breakfast!” - Martin Lynch, Computer Programmer (Adelaide)

"I’m not sure that I can put into words exactly what a gift you have given me and all the other attendants of the retreat. It is a time and experience I will hold dear to my heart (still trying to make sure that I retain as much of the sentiment as possible during the course of everyday life!) and of which I look forward to repeating again in the near future. The three of you share such love and joy, with each other and openly with everyone else that you come into contact with. Your passion, devotion, patience and acceptance seems to hold no bounds and it is obvious that you all continue to work with this talent as a daily practice of living your life. Since I have returned there has been this line which keeps repeating itself in my head,  ‘leave all your loving behind, you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive’. If there is one thing that you helped me to achieve which I had previously been struggling to find the courage to undertake, is not to fear loving others, to share the love that I tend to keep safe in my heart and have been too scared to show. There is no point taking it with me to the grave, carrying it around on it’s own – it needs letting out and sharing with the world. I extend my thanks to you all, including Stephen and the rest of the team and I look forward to spending time in your company again, soon." - Amanda Balmer, Landscape Designer (Adelaide)

“To Kester, Nadia and Doko I am deeply grateful. The excitement in this retreat came when I really and truly accepted the simplicity in the idea that there really is nowhere to be other than fully here and now. The idea is so simple yet still difficult to incorporate in everyday life. I will be practicing from now on. This experience would suit any one who is seeking what is missing. Cheers and Love.” -  Paul Craig, Business Owner (Gold Coast)

“The Mudita Health Retreat was nurturing, informative and an incredibly juicy experience for me. Experiencing the retreat together with my mum was a wonderful way to open and let go personally and also with each other. One of the highlights for me was Stephen’s gorgeous cooking classes. I have never felt so elated and connected around food, health and joy. Since arriving home I have noticed that although I am still learning, I have been calmer, making better decisions based on my deepest values and doing it all with more ease and joy. Many thanks and warm wishes xxx Skye Craig, 2010 Masterchef Contestant & Dessert Maniac (Brisbane)

“Pat and I loved the Mudita Health Retreat! There was a wonderful balance of meditation, lectures and free time. The food was exceptional and particularly appropriate for the Ayurvedic topics that were covered during the retreat. It is nice to taste what we have learnt! Coming back to Adelaide we have put things into practice and this has given us a new perception of work/life balance. We can certainly recommend the retreat to all.” - Peter and Pat Farnsworth, Directors of the Natural Health Academy of Australia (Adelaide)

"The Mudita Health Retreat at Byron Bay was an eye-opener for me. Stressed out following the sale of my house and the disposal of its contents, I decided that I needed a break. I believe the Mudita Retreat was the best choice I could have made. On my arrival I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. It was nature in all its splendor, with views of the sea in the far horizon, and in between, alive with freshness, the lush greenery, the palm trees, the flowers, the little wooden huts..... all were there to lift my spirits. Warmth, kindness and companionship was felt all around while we learnt the philosophy behind the Ayurvedic principles as a way of living for the benefit of mind and body. The vegetarian meals we enjoyed were the work of an artist, our high-profile chef, Stephen Galpin. I have learnt so much in such a short time, and here I must express my appreciation to the teachers and organisers: Doko, and Kester and Nadia Marshall for their dedication to their work, also for their kindness and compassion shown to us all."  Irena Kurek-Braden, Retired, Oxley Village (Port Macquarie)

“The Mudita Health Retreat was life-changing and life-saving.  Thank you for your preparations.  There was obvious warmth, patience and precision even to whom we shared a room with and who needed a massage immediately.  Suddenly a ‘like attracts like’ has happened since returning home.  I found out my plumber is a buddhist and a Yoga teacher!  Nadia; the yoga was so flowing a beautiful or should I say you were so flowing and beautiful.  By the end of the retreat everyone was smiling, features softened and far more open - not so defensive.  Everything just made sense - from Doko’s teachings to the Ayurvedic principles of living.  I recommend the retreat to everyone. Thank you for your warmth, wisdom, teachings and humour.” Wendy Martin (Adelaide)

“Six months ago I read an article about the Mudita Health Retreat in the Nova magazine. Everything in the article appealed to my being so I decided I had to experience it for myself. The Mudita Retreat allowed me to take time out to reflect on my life and reminded me of all the things I am not doing for myself. The tranquil setting in the Byron hinterland was so far from the mad world, I forget very quickly what I had left behind. The people at the retreat were all seeking a better way of life and I met the most caring, loving human souls.  After two days it felt like I had known them all forever. The days passed so quickly with Kester’s Ayurvedic lectures... beautiful Nadia’s graceful yoga and Doko’s mesmerising inspiration for life. If you feel tired, exhausted stressed and wonder where your life is heading, do yourself a favour... spend a week with Mudita! Thank you Kester, Nadia, Stephen and Doko and all those special souls I met and will never forget.” Gabrielle Clements. Massage Therapist, (Melbourne).

“I learnt how to simplify my life, focus on my healing and health and stop the endless searching and confusion around food. It reinforced and changed my relationship with food. It gave me clarity and easy to use and understand tools for growth, change and space. I got everything out of it - amazingly simplified life tools, beautiful blessings and feelings that can't be put onto paper or into words. I am truly grateful!and would recommend it to everyone!” Christine Lock (Gold Coast)

“I actually got more than I expected from the retreat. I found the lectures very informative and interesting and learnt a lot about my body and how I can restore and repair my Agni. I also learnt the importance of the mind body connection when it comes to mental attitudes and state of mind and how it can effect the body. Most of all I learnt to stop, feel and develop a sense of awareness. I will now stop and practice letting go of the mind games. I will now feel my innermost emotions and enjoy life. I will now love and appreciate all that I have now and start to love myself. I have already been down to the local Indian shop to stock my pantry, so I can now start eating a Ayurvedic diet. You have inspired me on so many levels. Thank You. x” Louise Browne, Brisbane

“When I booked into the retreat I expected rest, yoga, bit of meditation, lovely food and to learn a new way to look at food and its relationship to my allergies. Where do I start with what I actually got out of it?! It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and touched all the right buttons for me. I was reminded that food and the way I cook and eat it is of paramount importance to my health and well being. I now have a clue now how to meditate to calm myself and release stress from everyday life--meditation was a complete mystery to me before. I am easing into my new found knowledge gently. Bits of learning pop into my head throughout the day and have a calming effect."

"I would definitely recommend the retreat to others. This can be a life changing experience and a true gift to yourself or a loved one in need of nurturing and some tools to bring calm and health into their everyday life. I am so grateful to have been given this gift. Please keep doing what you are doing. The respect and kindness you show each and every person attending is very warming. I loved the underlying sense of joy in the sessions, bubbling up as humour from time to time. Doko reminded me at times a bit of a (much leaner) laughing Buddha when sitting in meditation posture and displaying utmost respect for his tummy. Laughter is a wonderful way for the body to release and the mind to let go and I felt that in a lot of the sessions. Too serious and it would not have been nearly as enjoyable. You all made, what could be delivered with ego and complexity, very real, accessible and digestible. I loved the mix of zen buddhism and ayurvedic teachings and the practical application of both into real life. They work beautifully together. I think you have the right formula and deliver with a perfect amount of humility and vulnerability (ie. sharing your own experiences). ” - Jacquie Dwyer, Business Owner, Brisbane

"The retreat with Mudita was just the tonic I needed during a busy year with business, projects and a young family. I was tickled pink to be able to escape the city and immerse myself in a gorgeous natural environment where I could recenter and learn invaluable things about my body, mind and spirit. Weeks later the knowledge the Mudita team shared is surfacing and making a positive impact on my health and wellbeing. I am more present with my children, feeling lighter in spirit, I am becoming a better listener and I am meditating some days. I'm not cooking with gas, I'm cooking with ghee." - Angela Kent (Melbourne)

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your warmth, patience and precision over the last week. I really enjoyed my time at the retreat and learned a lot. I loved the nature walks, morning silence, delicious food, teachings and the opportunity to meet beautiful people and make lovely new friends. Thanks especially to Jussie for giving me such practical lessons in understanding, supporting and nurturing my inner family. Thank you Doko for your presence, no fuss approach and introduction to the concept of seeds - and the importance of watering our whole garden (not just the bits that hurt). Thanks Kester and Nadia for making Ayurveda so meaningful and practical - and Stephen and Astrid for nourishing our bodies and minds. Lorien helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed in my massage (which doesn't usually happen for me during massages) - thanks Lorien! Thanks Sarah and Suzanne for being so helpful, and Kerryn for taking time to connect with me in such a warm and personal way. You have all become important role models for me - in my own path to health, happiness and healing." - Connie Allen

"A big thank you to the wholehearted and authentic Mudita Team! Learning how Ayurvedic principals and practical mindfulness work together for all round support in ones life has been incredibly valuable. A powerful realisation was that the opportunities for mindfulness are more plentiful if I can incorporate Ayurvedic principals to create a stable physical and emotional environment in my body. I feel changed by the experience. My sessions with Jussie and gestalt therapy were totally revealing. Providing a warm and safe environment she assisted me to explore unexamined parts of myself with gentle guidance. The meals supplied by Stephen and Jade during the retreat were delicious and spoke to all my senses. I was surprised how nuturing and nourishing eating could be. A big highlight. Thank you Nadia, Kester, Doko, Jussie, Sarah, Stephen and Jade for your heartfelt care." - Kylie Storey (Adelaide)

"I wanted to say a heartfelt and very appreciative thanks for a truly wonderful experience. I absolutely looooved it!!! I think that is the first time I have truly stopped in a long time. I have embarked on a new journey and really felt that the retreat was  the initial stepping stone into something pure and balanced" - Zaley Cooke

"I am a searcher. I have raced in many directions searching for peace, happiness, contentment. Mudita stopped me in my tracks. "Just breath" Doko told me, "just be". Over the five days I began to "breathe", to "be" and it hurt, just a little, and as each days lesson was shared, each massage, each mouthful of lovingly prepared food, I began to let go, to understand, to love "me"; all of me. I am making friends with my seeds. Doko, Justine, Nadia, Kester and Mel... thank you for your loving kindness, the time you have given me has reached to my very core. Stephen and Astrid - your food was delicious and nourishing, given with such love and compassion. I look forward to "just being" with my life as I move forward." - Carol Angove-Percasky

"The time is now- do something like this for yourself! If you ever feel like you are too busy to look after yourself, feel like you spend more time looking out for others than yourself or feel as though you cannot slow down- then this is the retreat for you! I came on this retreat to set up good foundations on healthy habits and lifestyle and I got so much more out of it. Nadia, Kester, Doko & Stephen are the most genuine people you will ever meet who simply want to help each of us be a little healthier and a little kinder to ourselves. It will transform your life." - Helen Bush (Adelaide)

"With warmth and humour, the Mudita Team provided me with experiences and insights into an ancient and integrated approach to mind/body health that has touched me deeply. During their 5 day retreat, my trust in my own ability to embrace wellness was reinvigorated and put back on track. Thanks for showing the way home......" - Jo Jensen

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