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Doko Mindfulness Articles

The Compassion of Mindfulness

This is Doko’s long awaited article or ‘discourse’ on Mindfulness - what it is, what it allows and an exploration of its helpful friends, particularly Alertness and Ardency.

Calming the Winds of the Mind

In this article Doko talks about the importance of reducing agitation in the mind when it comes to the Ayurvedic process of cleansing the body of toxins and excess doshas - the two must go hand in hand and there is a simple, skillful way to approach this.

Feeling At Home In Our Own Skin

In this article Doko talks about true relaxation, feeling into wholeness and the necessary qualities to cultivate to begin to feel at home in our own skin.

Stopping and Seeing

In this article Doko talks about our need notice the way we are approaching ‘our problems’ - and that a mind without peace is our main obstacle to health and happiness.

Cultivating Kindness

In this article Doko explains how developing a happy and healthy relationship with life, each other, and our own bodies and minds, dwells entirely in developing our capacity to be kind.

Why Happiness?

In this article Doko explores the nature of real happiness and joy...and the essential role they play in our health.

Other Articles

Looking After Anxiety

This is a very personal article about Nadia’s experience with Anxiety and how she has learnt to look after it with the help of Mindfulness and Ayurveda.

Deepak’s Formula for Happiness

Nadia attended Deepak’s “Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting The Soul’” Book Tour in 2010 where he asked the question “What makes us happy?”. In this article she shares the fascinating results of his research...

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Mindfulness Articles