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On this page we have our full collection of videos - Ayurvedic Cooking, Ayurvedic Medicine and Treatments and Mindfulness videos. Click on the links below to watch the videos in YouTube.

Ayurvedic Cooking Videos

If the recipe is from one of our cookbooks, the corresponding book and page is indicated (AK = 'The Ayurvedic Kitchen').

Adzuki Bean Curry (WARMTH, pg 53)

Best Kicharee Ever (NEW RECIPE)

Beetroot & Carrot Patties (WARMTH, pg 64)

Buckwheat Pancakes (WARMTH, pg 38)

Buttermilk Curry (WARMTH, pg 77)

Chapattis (WARMTH, pg 95)

Chicken Soup (New Recipe)

Cooling Rose Lassi (WARMTH, pg 123)

Date & Coconut Balls (WARMTH, pg 114)

Easy Split Mung Daal Soup (NEW RECIPE)

Fennel, Millet & Buckwheat Soup (AK, pg 77)

Fried Rice (WARMTH, pg 57)

Fruit & Nut Energy Shake (WARMTH, pg 129)

Ghee (WARMTH, pg 109)

Ginger Shortbread Cookies (NEW RECIPE)

Kicharee - One Pot (WARMTH, pg 74)

Masoor (Red Lentil) Daal (WARMTH, pg 75)

Moroccan Puy Lentils (WARMTH, pg 63)

Mulligatawny Soup (WARMTH, pg 81)

Mung Daal & Rice Flour Pancakes (AK, pg 86)

Pumpkin & Spinach Curry (WARMTH, pg 48)

Polenta Porridge (NEW RECIPE)

Potato & Cauliflower Curry (WARMTH, pg 49)

Raggi Porridge (AK, pg 31)

Rice Flakes (Poha) Porridge (WARMTH, pg 33)

Rice Pilau (WARMTH, pg 45)

Sunthi (Ginger) Chai (WARMTH, pg 131)

Spicy Puffed Rice (AK, pg 127)

Thai Sweet Potato Soup (WARMTH, pg 85)

Zucchini & Spinach Soup (WARMTH, pg 89)

Ayurvedic Treatment Videos

How to do a Shiropicchu

How to do Self-Abhyanga/Massage

How to do Oil Pulling

About Ayurvedic Massage

About Shirodhara

About Pindaswed Massage

About Kati Basti

About Heart Dhara

Ayurvedic Medicine Videos

The Root Cause of Disease - Ama

An Introduction to Ojas

Ojas & The Deeper Tissues of the Body

Sattva, Rajas & Tamas

The Role of the Doshas in the Body

About VATA People

About PITTA People

About KAPHA People

The Doshas & The Time of Day

A Simple Approach to Fasting/Cleansing

Ayurveda & Anxiety

What About Fermented Food?

The Ayurvedic View of Raw Food Diets

Eating for Good Digestion

How to Eat Superfoods

The Importance of Routine

Mindfulness Videos

What is Mindfulness?

An Intro to the 'Seed Model'

The Importance of 'Being With' Life

Peace, Non-Attachment and Mindfulness

The Brain's Bias Towards Negativity

Understanding Karma

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