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WARMTH: The Ayurvedic Cookbook

By Nadia & Kester Marshall & Michael Doko Hatchett

WARMTH is a vegetarian cookbook inspired by a variety of cultural influences but based on the Ayurvedic principles of good digestion. It has been designed to bring greater feelings of warmth and kindness into your food, cooking and life....

The problem many Ayurvedic cookbooks is that they are overly complicated. This complexity can create confusion and dishearten even the most enthusiastic cook. At Mudita, we believe in making Ayurvedic cooking more accessible.... to everyone!  So when creating our cookbook, we chose quick, easy, delicious recipes that are appropriate for all constitutions.... and will stabilise and strengthen your mind/body metabolism.

The other problem with Ayurvedic cookbooks is they tend to lack cultural variety.  The 75 vegetarian recipes in WARMTH are inspired by a variety of cultural influences including Indian, English, Italian, Middle Eastern, Japanese and SE Asian. Afterall, the principles of good digestion can be found in all traditional cultures and their cuisine.

The majority of the recipes are gluten free and where they’re not, gluten free alternatives are suggested, if possible. All meals are covered - breakfast; lunch; dinner; staples, sauces and accompaniments; sweets and drinks. The book also includes a section on setting up a ‘warm kitchen’, a brief introduction about the importance of each meal in the day and quotes from Doko to keep you inspired.

Spiral bound A5 book, 135 pages (b&w)

“I LOVE WARMTH. It has rekindled my love of cooking.  The recipes are simple and full of flavor and I haven't felt this warm for ages. I am  training to be a Yoga teacher and have been looking for ways to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into my life.... This is not always easy with a partner, two young children and part time work and study!  Your approach is easy to adapt to our more western lifestyle while upholding the ancient science of Ayurveda. Thanks so much!” - Jodie, Yoga Teacher

“For a long time there has been such a lack of ‘user-friendly’ cook-books based on Ayurvedic principles. As a student of Ayurveda, it is always a challenge when setting out dietary recommendations, to be able to give enough clear guidance on how people can adapt their favoured style of cooking to enhance their health. I have felt that this difficulty is compounded by my hesitancy to recommend any particular cook-book that may be used as a good introduction and guide. With the arrival of WARMTH I feel as though I now have a wonderful gift to pass on. Some recipes will be new to you and others may be familiar favourites. Whether you are a ‘seasoned’ cook or a kitchen ‘newbie’ this is a wonderfully comprehensive book, full of recipes that represent an uncomplicated, lively and fresh style of cooking. Each meal of the day is covered, including a wide variety of seasonal and all-round favourites, like soups, salads and desserts, spanning many authentic styles of cuisine. The introduction and quotes by Sensei Michael Doko Hatchett elucidate the vital message of the Mudita approach to health and living well. Taking a quiet moment to read them enkindles the gentle flame of inspiration in our hearts and minds, to take a fresh look at nurturing ourselves and our loved ones. For those of you who are soon to be won over, Nadia's concise and comprehensive guide to stocking and organising the kitchen and pantry, means you'll be set to go in no time. You certainly won't be running around looking for expensive or exotic ingredients though -- this varied and nutritious cooking is amazingly economical. Kester's short articles about the most significant considerations for breakfast, lunch and dinner, outline an approach that embodies the essence of time-tested and cross-cultural understandings of the cycles of nature, and how we ease into alignment with them to optimise our metabolism and sense of vitality.The directions and tips are easy to follow, and the strong, spiral binding makes it convenient to pop into a clear, plastic pocket to protect it from little bubbles and splashes while you're in the kitchen. Now, if only Nadia, Kester and Michael would open their own "Mudita Cafe" based on these recipes! -- but I can't just sit around being served up chai and the Cardamom Semolina Cake every day -- it's too much fun getting into the kitchen. Thankfully,  we don't have to wait to start filling our own homes with the wonderful aromas, enjoyment and Warmth this collection provides.”  Adam Pannell, Ayurvedic Food & Lifestyle Consultant

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